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Cameron Highlands situated approximately 1,829 meters above sea level, among the rolling hills, along the Main Range of Pahang, the largest state in West Malaysia. Covering an area of 443 square kilometers or 71,233 hectares. Average rainfall per month is 211mm and the temperatures ranges from maximum of 23°C to a minimum of 10°C.

Offers its best of nature, cool and fresh air in the highlands, which now is an attractive run away for city residents who are looking for some respite from the noise and pollution of the city. There are number of picnic areas and even a hot spring to relax and enjoy. It has its own individual charm and attractions, and together they combine to provide all the ingredients for a memorable holiday, no matter what your interest or what time of the year.

The main produce of Cameron Highlands is tea, flowers, strawberries, citrus, mushrooms, fruits and coffee. The forest also houses abundant species of flora and fauna including birds and butterflies

Places of interest such as Tea Estates, Strawberries Farm, Vegetable Farms, Flower Nurseries, Waterfalls, Sam Poh Buddhist Temple and much more waiting for you to explore it.


Accommodation with bungalow, service chalets, apartments, single storey houses with play compound, beautiful scene, fresh environment and full of privacy. That's why we call it 'Home Stay'.

We have 3 rooms, 4 rooms or even 10 rooms bungalow and apartments like Greenhill, Puncak, Carnation, Heritage and much more for your choices of your holidays with family and loves one or for groups retreat meeting at your affordable prices.

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